Why we love Flesh and Blood TCG - Trading Card Game

Flesh and blood tcg

Created by gamers for gamers, Flesh and Blood is among the most popular tabletop card games in 2022. Quick thinking and tactical planning enable players of the game to outwit opponents, using their cards in games that are fast-moving and fun to play.


Bringing people together in the Flesh and Blood

The core philosophy of Flesh and Blood is to bring people together to play in real life. For too long, gaming has been something people do alone in front of their computers or smart TVs. This trading card game that originated in New Zealand is designed to get people together with other like-minded players in the flesh.


Flesh and Blood is good for your mental health

In recent years there has been an uptick in people reporting mental health issues arising from social anxiety and loneliness. Now, trading card games encourage people to cast off isolation and join a group at their local game store. Unlike many other social interactions, the game table provides a purpose for people to hang out. It is easier to break the ice and allow interactions to flow when you have a common goal. Playing Tabletop Card games encourages teamwork and provides an atmosphere where friendly competition can thrive.


Flesh and Blood cards have multiple effects

Every card played is based on an attribute of your hero. Sometimes, that attribute is only triggered when a game condition is met, or it may be evident. The game keeps you on your toes as your heroes battle for supremacy. You can use your cards as a defence against attacks, and they can generate the resources you may need.


Flesh and Blood's resource system enables several cards to be "pitched" when you want to generate resource points. The game design allows players to use their powerful cards early in the game rather than gradually working up to the use of those cards. There are always trade offs, so no matter what hero class you have worked up to, you have to remain vigilant.


Cards may have three different versions

Players need to be strategic because you get different effects with the three different colours of the same common or rare card. Red is powerful regarding the card's impact and the damage it can do to an opponent. However, only one resource point is generated when playing a red card. The yellow cards are middle-of-the-road in terms of effect, but they pitch for two resource points. Blue cards generate three resource points each but have a less potent effect than red or yellow cards – you must calculate the risks and benefits accordingly.


Quality of decision-making affects the outcomes in Flesh and Blood

Because there are fewer cards than in other tabletop games, you can use all the cards drawn in your deck. Every card matters and the quality of your decision is often more important than the particular card you hold in your deck. The game is easy to learn, but the skill lies in making small gains that add up. Incremental gains tend to separate the skilled players from the beginners. Even though a less experienced player may have rare and powerful cards, a skilled player holding less powerful cards can win on strategy.


Legendary cards are rare

There is only one legendary card per 94 booster packs. People who are lucky enough to get one sometimes sell these cards for hundreds of dollars. However, holding a legendary card does not guarantee you won't be beaten by someone with less powerful cards. It is the judicious use of cards that counts.

Flesh and Blood is mesmerising! Get into the game by visiting our store and learning more. We have the game cards, booster packs, and books to help you get started. Our friendly team members are ready to answer questions and help with tips. The best way to get into Flesh and Blood is to get a couple of friends together and book a space at one of our tables.

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