Five good reasons to hire a game room for your next party

hire a games room

If you're looking for an exciting option for a party, consider hiring a games room, especially if you have a group of friends who are passionate about gaming. Picture yourself creating worlds in air-conditioned comfort, surrounded by your friends. It's seriously a gaming dream come true!

Here are the top five reasons for hiring a game room for your next party:

1) Comfortable spaces

We’ve created our games rooms to provide gamers with an exceptional experience.
Create and play in air-conditioned comfort, with lighting and seating, as well as the tables and accessories set up for a great gaming experience. We can arrange refreshments for you for an additional charge, just let us know what you and your guests would like.

2) Painting miniatures

Book a table space to construct and paint your miniatures. Our room includes the correct lighting and access to magnifying glasses to paint the miniatures' details perfectly.
If you need a particular colour or brushes, we are sure to have what you need available from the wide range we carry in our store, so there is no need for anything to hold you up from finishing a project.
We also have thousands of miniatures for you to choose from. Enjoy creating with your party guests, and let the games begin.

3) Gaming tables plus a designated Dungeons & Dragons room

Want to play a tabletop or board game? Pre-book a gaming table to guarantee a space for you and your friends to create your worlds. Gamers can use these tables for tabletop games such as Warhammer, Middle-Earth Strategy and Star Wars Legion.

For a party, you can either book a whole table length of 8ft by 4ft or a half table of 4ft by 4ft, depending on the number of guests you have invited. Before you book, visit our designated Dungeons & Dragons room and see where you can access our usable mini figurines and terrain for the best map builds and setups.

The Dungeons & Dragons room is one of our most popular rooms. All games rooms come equipped with Bluetooth speakers, inbuilt charging ports for smart devices and a large smart TV to display any in-game scenarios. A friend who couldn't make it to the party can call in and enjoy the fun via the big-screen TV.

4) Availability of games

We have everything set up for miniature painting parties. We also have the most popular miniature games to enjoy like Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and Flesh and Blood.

Trading Card Games are also popular. We have Pokémon, Marvel Champions, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Keyforge, Flesh and Blood, Legend of The Five Rings: The Card Game, Android: Netrunner, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Ashes Reborn: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions available.

5) Reasonable costs

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or another special event, make it an occasion to remember by getting your friends together and coming along to our great setup.  General tables are free to use and our room rates start from $35 for 3-4 hours, $70 for 5-6 hours and $120 for full day hires.

Sessions are to be paid in full before the game commences. Full-day sessions are required to be paid 48 hours in advance of the booking. Contact us to learn more about our party specials or to make a party booking.

Visit our games rooms and connect with a gaming community that gets you. After all, they are also passionate about community gaming, whether Dungeons & Dragons, War Hammer, or any of the numerous board and card games we have available.

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