4 of our favourite miniature games that aren't Warhammer

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Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar have tended to dominate tabletop war games. Still, there are many other games, plus some new additions to the Warhammer series. Many gamers who have been playing Warhammer for as long as they can remember are looking for new challenges and armies to create. Below are four alternatives for you to try out.

1) A Song of Ice and Fire

Westeros's seven kingdoms experience dirty dealings on and off the battlefield. A poisoned goblet of wine or a crossbow fired from a hidden vantage point fall within the options to eliminate a character.

However, there are still plenty of battles. Instead of moving individual figurines or small raiding parties, the struggle becomes enormous, with whole trays of troops in formation pitted against each other.

The A Song of Ice and Fire books inspired the TV show Game of Thrones. The starter box comes with over 100 mini figurines to get you into some decent battle scenarios.

Well-known characters like Robb Stark and Grey Wind, his direwolf, will add their special powers to a column of troops they command. The less warlike characters, like Sansa and Tyrion, use their intellectual abilities to alter the course of battle.

Most new players will be familiar with Game of Thrones, so they will have a basic understanding of the game.

2) Malifaux

The action takes place on an alternate earth of the 1900s amid ghosts, monsters, goblins and some rather nasty people.

A steampunk-inspired construct provides the setting for the game. No longer are dice rolled as in the more traditional war games, but a deck of cards will determine how much damage your figurines can do and the outcome of battles.

Because the game relies on skirmishes rather than full-on battles, you only need a few figurines in action at any time.

The costs to set up Malefaux are relatively low, and you'll have hours of fun assembling the figures in preparation for battle.

3) Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion is a tactical miniatures game set in the Star Wars universe. It’s not a war game, but rather a skirmish game that uses 1:1 scale miniatures to represent heroes and troopers alike. The rules are intuitive and easy to learn, so even those who have never played miniature games before should be able to pick up this one with ease.

Our personal favourite faction,  the 501st Legion Battle Force.

Jedi General Anakin Skywalker commands the 501st Legion. Players have this elite unit at their command and a bunch of upgrade and command cards. Using the cards to outfit the 501st Legion, players can customise their troops to advance their game strategy.

If Star Wars Legion already has you enthralled, then once you get the 501st Legion set, you'll be ensnared. You will need the Star War Legion core game to set up play. The 501st Legion Battle Force Starter Set has models that must be glued and painted before the force can swing into action.

4) Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a unique miniatures game that allows you to create your Marvel Super Hero dream team. The game itself is easy to learn, has great gameplay with various powers and comes with great starting set of miniatures and terrain.

It won't take you long to figure out the gameplay here, making it a great entry game for kids and new players. That being said the mechanics offers a lot of depth in tactical options for more advanced players. At the end of the day everyone can enjoy throwing cars across the street at your opponents.

The miniatures are larger then other games, making the painting easier but also allowing more detail in the moulds. The starting set comes with some well known characters and starting terrain that allows even non-marvel fans to get engrossed in the campaigns.

All round a great game for all, but especially those looking to introduce miniature gaming to friends or family.

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