6 Warhammer Factions you can try and buy in store today

6 Warhammer Factions you can try and buy in store today

Warhammer has and always will be a dominant game in the world of table top games. The game is set in an alternative world of intense fantasy and features thousands of models to choose from. However, each faction or army has a unique playstyle with their own special skills and units you can use to create your army! With such an epic franchise comes an extensive history of classes available to play, but where do you start?

1) Space Marines

The Space Marines is the most common faction in Warhammer franchise. As they are superhuman warriors wearing mechanised suits it is easy to understand why.

When the Emperor of Mankind declares that his Space Marines "will show no fear", he backs them up with the tactics and strategies to become a legendary force.

Ruthless training, genetic modifications and psycho-conditioning have given these troops superhuman capabilities.

Ready to defend, the Adeptus Astartes, as the Space Marines are known, are a class of warrior monks who give allegiance to the Imperium of Man.

2) Dark Angels

Powerful and secretive, the Dark Angels must atone for a sin of betrayal committed thousands
of years ago.

They were the 1st Legion of the 20 Space Marine legions created during the First Founding of the 30th Millenium. The Dark Angels are versatile. Able to shoot and battle in close combat,
they are a force to be reckoned with, and they have three super doctrines.

Their durability comes at the expense of mobility. Still, you're going to want these invulnerable figurines in your game.

3) Lizardmen

As a force of Order in the Warhammer universe, the lizardmen strive to protect the world from chaos.

If you want to know which figurine is the best, then it is probably Gor-Rok because he can be used to defend areas against onslaughts rather than taking offensive action.

Send out the other Lizardmen lords to acquire stuff and use Gor-Rok to ensure you retain your loot and lands.

4) Khorne

One of the top ten factions in Warhammer, Khorne, is called the Blood God and Lord of Murder. One of the four major Chaos Gods, he is the most destructive and violent. On the battlefield, Khorne represents frenzy, bloodshed and mindless aggression.

5) Grey Knights

A 2022 release, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, features the Grey Knights.

This force is tasked with getting rid of the demons polluting the 41st millennium. The Grey Knights' order of the Space Marines is a secretive one.

Dominating your game will be Castellan Garran Crowe, a knight of the order. JOY TOY action figures featuring new Grey Knights figurines are some of the best made.

6) Ork

If you want to add to your Ork force, other companies besides War Games make the figurines.

Check out your local store for alternative Ork figurines. Ork Force Lord, made from resin, is one you will need to own. The detail is impressive and comes unpainted, so you have all the fun of painting it before you send it into battle.

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