Our top five trading card games for new players

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Trading card games (TCGs) have rocketed in popularity, with new players usually introduced by friends who guide them through the choices available.

Here are our top five trading card games suitable for new players.

1)    Pokémon

Initially published in Japan in 1996, the Pokémon craze soon spread to the rest of the world.

Players and collectors are equally passionate about the game because the creators continually introduce new features, strategies and mechanics to keep the interest alive.

The number of Pokémon cards printed, as of March 2022, stood at around 43.2 billion. There are also over 10 000 unique cards in circulation 

Collectors highly prize the artwork on the unique cards while players value the unique cards for the strategic advantage such a card gives them in the game. 

Almost 100 card sets have been released, with collectors paying high prices for the rare gold foiled cards. The Pokémon Ultra-Premium set, released recently, has more gold-foiled and pure metal cards.  

Get trading, get collecting and keep playing Pokémon at our games tables, where you'll be able to meet up with other players, make friends and have a great time.

If you want to get some sets, drop into our store, where our friendly staff can advise you and show you the newest sets we have in stock. They will also introduce you to the game if you are a new player.

2)    Magic: The Gathering 

In 1993, Richard Garfield created Magic: The Gathering, a deck-building game.

Over 20 billion cards have been printed, and players can collect a whopping 16,000 possible cards. Magic: The Gathering has more active players than Pokémon.


Newbies can enjoy the game, but as they advance, they develop their skills and use sophisticated tactics to outwit opponents. Players invoke spell cards to influence the outcome of a battle, while Artifact and Planeswalker cards will also change results. 

Five elemental pillars, with a colour associated with each pillar, form the basis for the game. Each pillar is associated with fantastical creatures used to attack or defend.

3)  Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Based on the hugely popular Dragon Ball Z franchise the trading card game was first published in 2008. 

A fast game that will immediately feel comfortable to experienced Trading Card Game players, but simple enough for fans of the franchise to pick up and learn.

The game itself has evolved over the years and been relaunched in 2017. This has lead to a huge range of cards available from the countless Dragon Ball series over the years. With a range of deck strategies available to players this is a highly recommend game for experienced TCG players or new players that are fans of the franchise.


4)    Flesh and Blood

The mission of the creators of Flesh and Blood is to bring people together to play in real life.

Every card is based on an attribute of your hero. Sometimes, that attribute is only triggered when a game condition is met. The game keeps you on your toes as your heroes battle for supremacy against your opponents' forces.

Flesh and Blood is designed to allow players to use a powerful card they may be holding early in the game rather than gradually working up to the use of those cards. 

The game is easy to learn because there are fewer cards than in other games. Even though a less experienced player may have rare and powerful cards, a skilled player with less powerful cards can win on strategy.

5)    One Piece Card Game

The newest game on our list released only in 2022.  The hype on this game is incredible for such a new game to the market. Released by Bandai, the same publishers of Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Digimon Card Game.

The gameplay and mechanics will be familiar to players of Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone or Dragon Ball. Build your deck around the leader card and bring your opponents health points down before dealing your final blow.

What makes One Piece stand out for us is the artwork. Fans of manga and anime will really appreciate what's on offer here. From what we have seen of some of the rarer cards we are expecting the collectors will be on the hunt.

For such a new game we are excited to see how it evolves over the coming years but expecting it be very very popular.


Heretics Haven has all the above trading card games and the latest sets in stock. Come and visit us and become part of our community. We have temperature-controlled rooms for playing and a great, inclusive vibe. Book a table to play one of the popular TCGs, or book your next party. We can't wait to introduce you to our trading card game community.


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