Dungeons & Dragons community gaming - the saga continues

dungeons and dragons

Did you know that Robert Waudaugh, a history professor in Canada, is the Dungeon Master for the longest continuously running game of Dungeons & Dragons?

His set-up is in the basement of the home that he bought mainly for the space to accommodate the game set-up and the 30 000 characters he has hand-painted over the years.

The game started back in 1982. That's 40 years of a game that encompasses an alternative fantasy version of earth's history as we know it.

Dungeons & Dragons has evolved through the various editions released over the years. This particular game has become something of a homebrew, with new rules introduced by the Dungeon Master as needed.

Inspired to hire a game room and start your Dungeons & Dragons journey? It starts right here with us! You can either bring your crew or join one of our games. Full tables (8 x 4 feet) and half-size (4 x 4 feet) tables are available for hire. You can get all the supplies from us – figurines, paints, brushes and whatever else you need to bring your creations to life. We have free painting tables that focus on building D&D miniature figures.

Our store assistants are on hand to provide novice painters with tips and techniques for getting the best results on the paint jobs for their figurines. You'll also either learn from other people at the table or be able to assist others with tips. Sitting and painting with other enthusiasts certainly beats doing it alone at home. It's all about sharing the joy of creating new worlds.

What makes Dungeons & Dragons so popular?

The appeal of Dungeons & Dragons is the balance between the relatively simple play rules and the complexity of the available options. Your imagination is not limited, yet at the same time, the game is structured.

Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop game was the pioneer of modern role-playing games. It evolved from miniature wargames but has departed from the original wargame style. Players now create their fantasy characters and embark on adventures within the setting.

Initially released in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons is still immensely popular, with the Dungeon Master (DM) taking the role of referee and storyteller. The DM is responsible for maintaining the setting where the adventures occur and playing the part of the game world's inhabitants.


Players' characters interact with each other and the inhabitants of the environment, exploring, escaping crazy predicaments, engaging in battles and gathering treasure and knowledge. There are so many abilities and classes within the game that you can find the perfect character fit. Then, as your skills develop, you can use increasingly sophisticated methods to outwit other players.

To rise through the levels, players must accumulate points by solving various puzzles and riddles, creating spells and overcoming complex dilemmas using their ingenuity. It comes down to strategy, quick thinking, and some experience.

Come on down and meet your Dungeon Master before you book a space. You will be in for heaps of fun in the immersive world of our speciality Dungeons & Dragons room equipped with Bluetooth speakers, inbuilt charging ports for smart devices and a large smart TV to display any in-game scenarios.  Plus, you can see our usable mini figurines and terrain for the best map builds and setups. The Dungeons & Dragons room is one of our most popular rooms.

Ready to immerse yourself in the fantastical reality of the Dungeons & Dragons saga? Then don't delay. Give us a call to arrange a time and date. We guarantee you'll have some edge-of-your-seat fun when you play at our comfortable venue.

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