Digimon is a Japanese media franchise created by Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation. It was primarily adapted from a series of video games titled Digital Monster (or "Digimon" for short) created by Akiyoshi Hongo, which was used as a basis for the first Digimon anime series to be produced in 1999. The series revolves around the adventures of various Digimon creatures in the human world who come from a parallel universe called the Digital World.

The Digital World is inhabited by Digimon creatures, who are born from their corresponding egg, hatched from it and grow up when they fight against or are attacked by evil forces. Once they reach maturity, they can be merged with human beings to become Digimon partners. A number of Digimon partners exist in the anime, with the lead characters partnered with Agumon and Gabumon being some of them.

Today there are many different kinds of Digimon available including our range at Heretics Haven!

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